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We have all heard that you should follow your passion, but that is only partly true. You need to find where your passion, purpose and skill-set intersect as that is where the real magic happens. A passion can become a job if you don’t have a purpose or a big enough “why” that will help you combat your excuses. Skill-sets are also necessary to help you achieve your dream and sometimes you have to get new ones. Motivation is great but it isn’t what will take you over the finish line. Habits are the autopilots in our lives and they can help us set the course to success, or lead us to a dead-end.

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Co-Author Lea Woodford spent years as a journalist interviewing some of the most successful people in the world. She got to know them and discover what habits propelled them and which ones held them back. She brought these thought leaders together and put them into this book.
You will discover the habits of some of today’s most influential people, and how you can integrate those into your own life and make them part of your habits to happiness and success. This book can help you create habits that will allow you to put success on cruise control.
Imagine being mentored by some of the most respected people in the world. You are who you hang with, why not level up and learn from some of the most accomplished people of our time. This book will allow you to get an insider’s look at the habits of people who are on top of their game in all areas of these lives.
If you could fast track to success and eliminate the speed bumps and detours in life, would you? You can read 1 Habit and incorporate some of the habits of today’s most successful people. Why struggle and waste years trying to figure it out alone? This book can help you create the life you want, 1 Habit at a time.
Action is the key to success. In this book, you will find ideas and habits that can give your dream flight. Embrace these habits and take them to heart so that they can be part of your daily life. At the end of our life, it’s not the things that we do that we regret... It’s the things we didn’t do. So here’s to a life with no regrets

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