Sir John Shin

Founder – Think & Grow Rich Legacy Tour Exec Producer of Think & Grow Rich Legacy

John Shin is a Korean American entrepreneur, philanthropist, and the Executive Producer of "Think and Grow Rich the Legacy" movie. He founded The Think and Grow Rich Legacy World Tour Inc. John is also the author of "How Rich Asians Think," which is s Think and Grow Rich publication. Which is an official publication of the Napoleon Hill Foundation.

He is also the Co–Founder of a non–profit organization called "ALL FOR ONE," which provides child prosperity centers for children around the world. Together with the organization, they have built and created 10 orphanages in 6 countries like Uganda, Philippines, Nicaragua, Vietnam, China, and India and have helped over 1,000 kids live within their orphanages.

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If you’re HABITS don’t line up with your Dreams, then you need to either change your Habits or change your Dreams

Sir John Shin