These are the 6 EASY steps to contribute to this 1 Habit book
Everything you need to contribute is in the form below
  • Write your Habit, Why, un-Habit & un-Habit Why

    NOTE: For those who have previously participated in a 1 Habit book, you must come up with a different habit and cannot repeat the previous habit.

  • Write your Bio
  • Upload a high-resolution head-shot

    This must be a picture of ONLY YOU!

  • Write a quote

    Why Habits are important?

  • Sign the release
  • Audio Record For the Audio Book

    Once your Habit is approved by the editorial staff, record your Habit, Why and un-Habit. If you don't have a studio set up, you can use an audio recording app on your phone. It is very important that you set the app to record as a .wav file. This process will be done AFTER your chapter is 100% approved by the editorial staff.