Tracy Litt

Certified Mindset Coach, RTT, Best Selling Author

If Brene Brown and Tony Robbins had a baby, that baby would be Tracy.  She’s direct and goes straight to the heart of what’s real and what’s true. She masterfully tells it like it is while being skillfully empathetic, loving, and supportive.  A powerhouse and ball of energy, exuding unconditional love and light. Silly and playful. She calls your bullshit and wakes you up in a way you never realized you needed. Tracy Litt is a Certified Mindset Coach, Rapid Transformational Therapist, Speaker, and Author of Worthy Human. She is the founder of The Litt Factor, a personal growth and coaching company.
Tracy exists to remind you of your potential, teach you the power of your mind, and support you in cultivating a phenomenal relationship with yourself. It is through this unwavering belief in yourself, tremendous self–love and inner strength that you can feel, create, and be anything and everything you desire.

My Books

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1 Habit: 100 Habits from the World’s Happiest Achievers – Paperback

You know the joy you feel when you are so passionate about your “why” that you can’t wait to wake up and jump right into life? That motivation will get you started, but to be able to follow through, you need the Habits that will help you place one foot in front of the other when things get tough.

Author, Steve Samblis spent years searching the world for the most successful people on the planet. He got to know them and asked them each “What was the one most crucial habit in your life that has made the most significant impact on your success.” He then took these 100 Habits and put them into a book called 1 Habit.

Not only does the 1 Habit contain the Habits, but it also teaches you how to make a Habit part of who you are. Make it part of your being. Once instilled in you, the Habits becomes something you just automatically now do, and that automates your pathway to success.

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Worthy Human: Because You Are the Problem and the Solution

Have you ever struggled with the feeling that you’re not good enough?

Maybe this feeling comes from your background, traumas you’ve experienced, what you have or don’t have, who you feel you should or shouldn’t be.

Whatever the reason, this feeling is impeding your ability to truly live your best life.

Tracy Litt wants to open your eyes to an undeniable truth:

Nothing can or ever will influence your inherent worth–it’s your birthright.

When you accept and believe this truth, everything changes.

Worthy Human is a journey into your personal power that will help you discover a new way to live. You’ll learn how to run you mind and access your power of choice to create a life you’re madly in love with. By unconditionally loving and accepting yourself, you can embrace that you are both the problem and the solution, get out of your own way, and totally own every aspect of your life.

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Nothing empowers or dis-empowers you more than the Habits you instill in yourself

Tracy Litt