Working From Home Can Impact Shaken Norms

For the millions of people that run Thriving Home Offices or are remote workers already, we have one advantage during these global changes. We are already set up to work from home. That part of our lives was not disrupted. Working from home is part of our typical day.

The reason this is so important is the same reason why you put your mask on first before you help the person next to you. The best way you can help people through the chaos is not to succumb to it yourself. Once you have that foundation in place, now you can take the next step and help others find their way.

In my business, we are blessed to work with some of the most brilliant minds you could ever imagine. Many people that contribute and co-author our books spend their lives leading people out of despair and helping them find the brilliance within. They have been doing this well before this global health issue happened. And they are now needed more than ever.

Let me take that one step further. At 1 Habit Press, we strive to find undiscovered brilliance in people and give it a voice on the biggest stage possible. We also work with people that have spent their lives running companies, teaching, building teams, raising healthy kids, designing, and creating. These people have so much to offer. They have this innate wisdom that can help others find their success paths. We help these people by giving form and function to what they have to share through our 1 Habit book series.

If you are new to the idea of being an author, becoming a contributor to the 1 Habit book series is a baby step to unlocking the door to a powerful, motivational idea engine inside of you that can change the world.

If you are already a best-selling author, coach, professional speaker, being a contributor expands the message of your brand massively with minimal effort on your part.

We have created a process to contribute that strips away all the BS of publishing a book. We created a simple single-page form that you fill out, 1 step at a time, that builds your contribution. For most people, they finish their contributing chapter in less than 1 hour.

Now is the time that we need more people than ever before to unlock their brilliance and share it with the world. Your words, your thoughts, your intentions can have a substantial positive impact on others and positively impact your life in the process.

Go to Please take a look at what we are doing to change the world and use our simple form to tell us what resonates with you. You can help to change the world 1 Habit at a time!